Kiran 💜🥰

I had the best week.
I was able to step out of my own self and witness the positive, enriching and fantastic version of myself I evolved into after all that life threw at me the last few years!
Today, I love life, I cherish it and I want to live it so fiercely!

No other event would have been better than my sister’s wedding for me to fall back in love with life, to continue to trust in it and to want it to keep going.

She is five years younger to me and the first little human being I saw in my life. I saw her evolve into a beautiful person over the last 25 years, and this is about wishing her love and happiness, acknowledging her for the beautiful person she is, and her presence in my journey of transforming into the best version of myself over the last many years!

Human connections are strange — the ones we meet, the way we connect with them, the way some shake us up, and some who uplift us — this little sister of mine is one who uplifts you with her spirit. Her love language is to sit with you, laugh with you, and make you see the light in every situation. She has been my dopamine supply, withstanding a lot with me and my life’s situations, consistently supporting me, loving me, and pushing me to smile.

I am lucky to have her unwavering presence in my life. Over the years and through all that life threw at us, we built a strong bond and a communication that led us to grow so much, I am stunned myself!

Family dynamics in general make us internalise things that are toxic and harmful to the self and to each other. Our generation in our family has learned to break that and build a more loving, respectful and caring communication system and for that we are proud of each other. Only we know how important and transformative it is for us and our future, and how it is leading us to live better and more fulfilling lives.

Personally, this new and healthy dynamic helped me overcome deep-seated biases about myself. It is what made me believe and want to live life fearlessly, guided by love and kindness. We learned to hype ourselves for the people we are, hype each other up for our uniqueness and lift each other up when in distress. I trust deeply in life again because I know my squad is there to back me up and I have theirs!

Now that my sister is married, I am sad she is not around me physically but I am also really happy that she is happy, that she is in a safe space, that she will be protected and loved as she deserves to be, because she knows what she deserves first. Because she loves herself as she should first!
That sets the tone for everything!

When I look back I know that life has been unfair to her in so many ways but she persevered, and chose to smile through it. Or after it! :D
Kiran always reminds us that what is over is over, we can choose to let it be and move forward. Same to her — only onwards and upwards! Wish her the best and nothing less!

I am a proud and happy sister!

Because music is her life, I am also dedicating a song to her :) ❤




Writing is everything. Mainly, Books| Mental Health| Feminism.

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Writing is everything. Mainly, Books| Mental Health| Feminism.

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