Happy one year anniversary to Wetalkbooks…

…a year later, I love how my blog has shaped up.

It will be one year since the launch of my blog, which is a conscious labour of love. As the one year anniversary approaches, I wanted to reflect how fantastic it has been for me!

The 7th of January, 2021 was the day my blog went live and it is also my birthday. I distinctly remember how anxious I was to put myself out there after two years of isolating from a lot of things. I am referring to emotional isolation and it started way before COVID-19 forced other kinds of isolation upon us. I was shivering when I shared the news of launching my blog. My mind was weaving a million stories, all so specific and so detailed, it was paralysing.
One year later, I can gladly call it just an experience because now I am comfortable, confident and safe in my mind and body and that is all that matters.

I started Wetalkbooks to reflect on the books I read and I am proud of how it has shaped up over the last one year. I didn’t want it to be a regular space where I review and recommend books, because the internet is full of this kind of content. I created this space mainly for myself, to express the many feelings I go through when I am reading books and also share my notes on mental health. It is liberating to take ownership and do something at your pace and in ways that resonate best with your authentic self. It also stimulates my creativity and helps me channel and execute it as closely as I visualise it. Further, writing is everything for me and that makes this space and my intention for it even more meaningful.

A year later, I am happy and motivated to keep doing it.

The number of books I read this year compared to 2020 is small, but I love the diversity of books, which matters a lot to me. My curiosity to learn about different people’s lives, cultures, ways of life in different parts of the world is something I fed well this year.

My 2021 in books:

Among the 17 books I read, excluding the re-read of my favourite book, Purple Hibiscus, I read an amazing graphic novel that is a depiction of a boy’s life in Kashmir, a self-help book that I currently call the best guide for my mental health, two books centered around my most favourite humans on the planet, BTS — one of which I am also an author of, a murder mystery that was nothing like a murder mystery but more of a warm collection of slice-of-life stories, another endearing story that has the Japanese sweet bean paste as the crux of the story, a posthumous autobiography of a doctor and an excellent journalistic reportage on North Korea’s abduction of Japanese nationals. I also read a lot of female authors whose work I deeply appreciate. Overall, it was a great year for me in books.

The highlight of the year:


Written by fans of BTS from different parts of the world, who are lovingly called ARMY, the book BTS by ARMY, 2020, reflects on the journey of the boyband BTS in what was the toughest year for the world in recent times. It has been my dream to be an author, but to kick start the grand journey with the book about people who changed my life for the best is the sign that I am destined to realise my dreams. I feel so! More than the product, the experience of creating something so beautiful purely out of love and gratitude for BTS is something I will cherish for life. In the process, I met people from the fandom who also showed me a different meaning of love, a reflection of something BTS ‘ stands for too — to acknowledge and embrace different forms of love. My life took a major major shift for the best when I met them and I am never going to take my journey for granted. The chapter I wrote was about one of the seven members, Min Yoongi aka Suga, and was a reflection of how I saw him and what he meant to me in 2020 because of the point I was at in my own journey of life. Isn’t that a privilege and an amazing opportunity? I think it is! And I own it with power! I see this as the start to so many wonderful things I am capable of doing and it is only going to get better! For all those who will be part of this upward journey, you are going to witness the best for me and at the same time, how infectious it can be. I am damn serious here.

I feel confident and comfortable with myself and I am able to express myself effortlessly because of all the inner work I did in the last three years. Writing the book chapter, starting this blog and posting consistently, the books I read, all played a huge part in rebuilding myself.
They were a source of support for my adult self that was reconnecting with my inner child, understanding what she’s been trying to communicate with me and responding to her needs and troubles. It was a difficult, stressful, heartbreaking, disturbing, and a tragic journey, if I have to use a few adjectives to describe it. Most importantly, it was personal. But the best part is, I was resilient and emerged victorious on the other side and that can only be experienced! For this too, I am grateful for 2021. Nothing hurt me more than the loneliness I felt when I started to acknowledge the troubles of my inner child — to figure out how to help her while dealing with the harsh adult life — it broke me into a million pieces. But I made a commitment, a choice to be there for her and thus be there for myself and I am proud to say, I succeeded! Reading the books I read, writing the book I wrote were the fuel that helped me to keep going! The power that comes with making friends with your inner child and working as a team is the worthiest gift I could have given myself and I did it!

Where I stand now?

I am proud. I am confident and I know that I am ready to take on everything that life wants to throw at me. I feel like I won at this game of life and figured out the hacks to win again and again and again! There was a time when I trembled to even sit in a corner in a room full of people, but now all that I fear is losing the people I love. That is progress for me and I am looking forward to reading more books, lots of love, fun, diverse experiences, friendships and joyful moments as we continue through 2022. I wish all that for you too!

And of course, thank you for hanging around and giving love to the posts that resonated with you. 💜

Originally published at http://wetalkbooksclub.wordpress.com on January 5, 2022.




Writing is everything. Mainly, Books| Mental Health| Feminism.

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Writing is everything. Mainly, Books| Mental Health| Feminism.

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