Day 8: December 8, 2021 — Bhutan ❤️

The most beautiful moments of my life — Pt 1&2

It almost the end of 2021 but like a lot of people, I am stuck in December 2019.

View from up above :)
Buddha Dordenma at Thimphu

On December 9 that year I moved back to my home city after spending a year and half in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Today, in that year, I was packing, saying goodbyes to friends, soaking in as much of the place as I could in the final hours that I was there. I am teary-eyed writing about it here in this moment.
I chose to publish this today because I want to come to terms with the fact that life isn’t going to be how it was in 2019.
That it really was a different time.
That it was the end of an era.
But, COVID-19 or not, I would always cherish 2019 because it was special in so many ways. I can call it a dream.

The most beautiful moment of my life — Pt 1

2016–2018 were the years I began to adult. Today I can safely say that all those difficult moments got me to where I am — to fall in love with myself. The child inside me however protests: do humans really have to be treated so badly, go through such heartbreaking situations to survive in this world? That is a question for another day.
My professional life in these years was at the peak. I was breaking so many norms as a female news reporter, winning awards, shining bright but on the inside I was in shambles. Thinking about it hurts even now. I was suffocated inside, but I believed that it was my career that needed a change. (My career means a lot to me and it’s the only thing that has stayed with me through everything). I understood only later that the decision I took then was the best one in my life so far.

I was familiar with Bhutan, that is cradled by breathtaking mountains and India’s north eastern neighbour. A close friend of mine is from Bhutan and I always wanted to go there. Since I wanted a ‘change in career’, I shot an email to a college (if I wasn’t a writer, I would be a teacher) that appeared on top of my Google search. They responded immediately. I had an interview and in a week, I had a job. The decision was made — I was moving.

That was the most beautiful moment of my life, Pt 1.
As the flight was landing, I started to weep. The mountains spoke to me: let it out child, they said. I am a city girl who craves to be close to nature, but this was euphoria. In the airport, I met a guy who was in the same flight as me and was going to be my colleague. I thank my stars for him. I felt safe and like home in that very second of saying hello to him. Everything from that point was just easy.

My first friend in Bhutan. Life was easy because of him.

I had a beautiful home where I’d wake up to scenic mountains. I started work and I was absorbed. I met other colleagues, who went on to become my closest friends. My students, by merely existing showed me the beauty of life. I was just grateful for everything every day. The humility of the people, the landscapes and the culture of the place all made me to look at my own self with love, care, kindness, and respect.

My children :)

A few days into the academic year came the most beautiful moment of my life , Pt 2. It was a welcome event for new students and I was excited to watch my students dance. It was worth it because that day’s excitement is probably something I will die with. They danced to Blood, Sweat & Tears by BTS. Till then I’d known BTS as the Korean boyband who set a record for making an inspiring speech at the UN. I was inspired too. But after this performance by my students, I went to find out about the song and like every BTS fan, I am in the Bangtan rabbit hole for life! Looking back, I can call this the most beautiful moment of my life, Pt 2 because BTS validated my existence by reminding me to love and respect myself following which everything else will fall in place. When you learn this and find a way to make it your priority, you are the most powerful and kindest thing in this universe. Trust me on this.

It was the simple joys. Waking up fresh, breathing clean air, making delicious food, studying for classes, interacting with innocent, curious, and beautiful students, spending time with friends and going to bed with a head full of dreams — I learned that the best things in life are in these small, everyday moments.

My dear friends
More best friends
Nothing is better than Red Panda with the side of a good friend :)
More people I love with all my heart :)
I dabbled in sports ;)
More beautiful humans :)

Till then I was a chaser, highly ambitious, not that it is a bad thing, but too much of anything becomes toxic, right?

I believed that I will start living my life after I achieve this, or that and the list went on. I will wear the clothes I really like after I am at this weight. I will decorate my room when I am in this place. I will take that trip when I have this much money. I will go to that concert after I learn all the songs of that band! What a joker! But it’s okay because now I know that life is happening every day and it is about what I do with the time, the energy and the resources I have with me today.

Nothing new here. Sorry to those who came this far to find something interesting! :P

I am also glad that I figured this out at a young age. No time is too late, but the sooner the better, no?

For showing me to fall in love with myself, Bhutan will always stay in my heart. I won’t be exaggerating if I said that I was reborn there. My gratitude and love for the place will always remain. I have a tattoo representing the land of the thunder dragon, so you know how smitten I am. ;)

Life is better because of animals and I met plenty in Bhutan ❤

The day that I was flying back, December 9, 2019, I wept as the flight took off. It wasn’t in my control. It felt like only yesterday I was packing to move to the place and here I am going back. I would have stayed longer if not for a couple of things I don’t wish to revisit. COVID-19 messed up many things, but no complaints!

All is well that ends well and I am well, really really well today, and that is all that matters to me. :)

Note: I borrowed the phrases ‘The most beautiful moment of my life, Pt.1 & 2’ from BTS albums of the same name released in 2015.




Writing is everything. Mainly, Books| Mental Health| Feminism.

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Writing is everything. Mainly, Books| Mental Health| Feminism.

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